The organisation City of Trees have revealed plans to plant three million trees in Greater Manchester over the next quarter of a century, an ambitious project that aims to use the power of trees to refresh and regenerate the area.

Of course planting more trees in built up urban areas has an instant aesthetic effect, but the group’s research shows the plan to plant a tree for every man, woman and child in the region could have more unexpected consequences.

As well as reducing stress, encouraging people to spend more time in retail areas and improving air quality, an abundance of trees can actually reduce flooding in built-up areas.

‘We are working with partners and landowners to identify parcels of land for tree planting,’ City of Trees director Tony Hothersall said in an interview with the BBC.

‘It could be extending existing woodland and building up the biodiversity. It could be linking woodlands which also is very important for biodiversity. It could also be [planting] totally new areas of woodland.’

‘It is really about planting trees wherever it’s appropriate to put trees,’ he explained, ‘what is really important is it’s about the right tree in the right place.;

And the project is off to a storming start. Since its launch in 2015 it has already facilitated the planting of 94,380 trees around Greater Manchester.



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