With images of life jackets washing up on Europe’s shores a common sight in the UK’s press, it’s easy to contemplate the terrible physical sacrifice made by those desperate to escape persecution and suffering.

Image credit: Calais Refugee Bristol

Image credit: Natasha Horsburgh


But beyond that, refugees who survive the journey are left with scars less easy to observe. Global Minds Network, an initiative organised by a group of Bristolians passionate about global mental health, aims to address this pressing and important issue.

The group’s inaugural event will take place on Wednesday 2 March from 7.30pm at 123 Arts Space in Stoke’s Croft, Bristol. The free event will see a range of speakers discussing how and why the mental health of Europe refugees must be considered and the areas in which we in the UK need to improve our facilities to do so. Speakers on the day will include:

Dr Sarah Majid

Consultant psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at the Tavistock
Where does mental health care for refugees in the UK break down and how can we begin to address this?

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin

Medact, RCPsych Working Group on Mental Health of Asylum Seekers
Deficiencies in Care within Immigration Detention Centres and their impact on mental health

Along with an exhibition of photos taken at the Calais camp, there will be a lecture from a speaker with first-hand experience of a UK Immigrant Removal Centre. For more information and to register your attendance visit the groups page on Eventbrite