Charities must be involved in policy making during the lead up to Britain leaving the European Union if divisions are to be healed says the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

This week, the CAF launched a report to be issued to all MPs, Strong and Stable for the Many Not the Few, outlining fifteen recommendations on how Britain’s charities can play a key role during the difficult two-year negotiating period.

Advice for the government includes giving charities a greater role in monitoring community cohesion, supporting a national drive to increase volunteering and giving charities a leading role in establishing Britain’s global standing.

‘The impact of the laws passed, decisions made and changes agreed during this parliamentary term will last a lifetime,’ said Sir John Low, CAF Chief Executive. ‘It’s vital government gets this rig and charities should play a big part.

‘Governments and politicians come and go, but charities are the constant glue which bind communities together.’

The report also calls for reform of the Lobbying Act, or the exemption of charities from it, an issue which was at the forefront for many charities during the recent general election.

‘During this time of seismic change, charities are needed now more than ever to bring the country back together and help secure Britain’s place in the world,’ said Low.

‘The Brexit Parliament must use the unique expertise of charities to help rebuild communities, tackle social injustice and give a voice to those who may otherwise lack one.’


Do more

You can donate to a charity through CAF and read the full list of recommendationshere.