Drug rehabilitation charity The Carpenter’s Arms has announced plans to open a boutique hotel and farm shop, run by recovering addicts. The site will occupy the former Six Hills hotel on the A46, and the £1 million project will create 30 treatment beds plus eight rooms available to the general public.

A rehabilitation centre since 2008, The Carpenter’s Arms is a 12 room residential centre for men affected by drug or alcohol addiction. They aim to address the root causes that can lead to addiction problems, and offer group and individual counselling sessions to help addicts recover and lead healthier lives.

Their latest project plans to train recovering addicts in service and business skills, as well as bring in money from paying guests. Richard Cowlishaw, a former addict who lost his banking job due to addiction, has been named manager of The Six Hills. ‘Without places like this being available, I don’t know where I would be – still addicted or dead maybe,’ he said in an article on the BBC News website. ‘Places like this are needed all over the country.

‘It is a big opportunity for people who are in the same position as I was to come to change their lives.’

The charity has issued an open invitation to look around and reassure local residents that the hotel will have a positive influence on the area, ‘These are people who want to change their lives,’ Carpenter’s Arms worker Judith Spence told the BBC.


Words: Ellen White


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