After years of development, the world’s first flat-pack vehicle has been officially launched this week. The brainchild of Professor Gordon Murray, designer of the McLaren F1, the OX could revolutionise the way transport dilemmas are addressed in the developing world.

The OX is the first product to be born out of the Global Vehicle Trust (GVT), a UK organisation set up by Sir Torquil Norman to help poor communities by providing cheap and effective transport solutions.

After bringing in the expertise of Professor Murray, the GVT team were able to construct a prototype vehicle. The OX is lightweight, easy to transport, incredibly tough, and cheap too.

Once in production, the OX is expected to cost between £10,000 and £15,000 and you won’t need to be a trained mechanic to assemble it. GVT say that three people, using minimal tools, can put the truck together in under half a day.

And the OX is resilient too. It’s been designed to effectively transport vital goods like drinking water, grain and fertilizer, and people too, over difficult and dangerous terrain.

“Some vehicles are designed for one specific purpose, but the beauty of the OX is that is designed for all sorts of applications,” said Sir Norman. “It has a huge carrying capacity of nearly two tonnes, and yet it also offers superb off-road ability.

“Reaction to the OX has been fantastic – it’s been called ‘The ultimate multi-purpose vehicle’ and ‘The Swiss Army knife of trucks’, which communicate the OX’s many strengths perfectly.”

Right now, GVT’s priority is to raise enough funds to complete a series of rigorous tests, vital if the OX is to go into commercial production.


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