Since 2012, Bristol Biennial has welcomed artists from all over the world to experiment and entertain in diverse locations across the city.

This year’s festival will run from 2-10 September and is themed around the notion of other worlds. Through 13 distinctive pieces, this celebration of visual art will examine Bristol’s diverse mix of cultures, traditions and ideas, citing the city as a representation of our planet in miniature. The artworks themselves are as eclectic as the themes they cover and take the form of walks, talks, performances, public artworks, events, and sound and light installations. The vast majority of events at Bristol Biennial will be free, but some of them are ticketed. With prices no higher than £5.00 however, the charge isn’t likely to make them exclusive.

Big ideas

From Performances for Pets, a contemporary theatre piece which promises to entertain your animals, to Liquid Presence, a piece conducted live from multiple countries and emphasising our connected humanity, Bristol Biennial is not afraid to push boundaries. There is a real sense of community underlying many of the events too. Take the Bearpit Banquet, an invitation to dine in Bristol’s famously lively subway, or Hey Bristol, an interactive sound sculpture that will welcome travellers to Temple Meads station.

The festival hub will be at the Phoenix Café on All Saints Street. Here you can gather all the information you need to make the most of the events on offer.

Find out more about the events taking place by visiting the Bristol Biennial website.