A recent study commissioned by Oxfam has found that volunteering can make candidates more attractive to employers.

The charity’s study revealed that over 80 per cent of employers would consider volunteers to be better job candidates than those without the experience.

As well as better social skills, the study found that employers felt candifates with volunteering experience were good team players, worked harder and had were better at self-motivation.

Out of the 500 employers included in the study, three quarters said they would choose a candidate with volunteering experience over one without.

‘This new research is proof volunteering massively boosts a person’s employability, making volunteering a really positive choice for anyone wanting to change jobs or progress their career,’ Oxfam’s trading director Andrew Horton told Oxford Mail.

‘Each Oxfam job relies on its team of volunteers, who work together to give customers a rewarding shopping experience, and raise money to fight extreme poverty around the world.

‘Our volunteers bring a huge array of skills to the job and receive the support they need to develop new skills too.’



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